Welcome To MediGrow

We are Healthcare Quality(JCIA,NABH,ISO15189:2022), Business and Financial consultants based in Bangalore, India. We strongly believe that safety of patients is number one priority in any healthcare system. Through safety initiatives, healthcare organisations can improve team performance and patient safety, thus minimising the human errors.

We at MediGrow help and train the Healthcare organisations to achieve the highest level of excellence in patient safety and sustainable culture of patient happiness.

Excellence in business and financial management is critical for consistent growth and sustainable success of any Healthcare organisation in today’s highly competitive and ever evolving healthcare delivery landscape.

Healthcare organisation owners and CEOs face multiple and complex challenges like ensuring high level patient safety and satisfaction without compromising on financial stability, managing competition from other healthcare service providers, efficient and effective receivables and payables management, complying with new government requirements and mandates, attracting and retaining talent, managing staff shortages, technology and change adaption, data management etc. All these challenges are driving healthcare organisations to adapt quickly to next generation healthcare IT, business strategy and smarter ways of working to ensure the organisation is able to build reputation, scale and run cost efficiently. This is where MediGrow steps in and provides expert advisory services to overcome these challenges effectively and stay ahead of the competition.