Happy International Nurses Day

“I attribute my success to this-I never took or gave any excuses”- Florence Nightingale

As they fight against the covid Pandemic our SUPER HEROS have gone beyond the call of duty and used their skills, decision making potentials and interventions to support care delivery and make a meaningful difference to patients and those who care for them, without any excuses.

A small tribute to the nurses by a Nurse, on this International Nurses day.

Nurses Inspire, Innovate, and Influence

“Coming to work and expecting the unexpected has become the norm for Nurses”’
Going the extra mile is synonymous with nursing. Nursing intuition is well recognized, and we never fail to deliver going above and beyond. Every year May 5th-12th is celebrated as International Nurses Week, as a tribute to celebrate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale (12th May). This event has been created and put into place to recognize nurses from the past, present, and future, as great contributors to society and humanity.
Nursing, in general, is stressful and COVID-19 only amplifies that. Therefore, it’s even more critical to use nurses’ week to reach out and celebrate the nurses around you and throughout the world. We need to keep nurses emotionally engaged with their work to continue providing excellent care to their patients.
Nurses’ week is an annual celebration of nurses worldwide for the work they do for others. The week allows people the chance to acknowledge the nurses in their lives. It also provides an opportunity to thank nurses within the industry as a whole for the work they have done. Nurses are the backbone of any Healthcare organizations and have a major impact on patient’s clinical outcomes.  Of all caregivers nurses tend to have the most interactions with patients, they are also often the point of contact for the patient’s family.
For the past year on, the world is faced with the pandemic. Never, in my years of nursing did anything prepare me and my nursing colleagues for anything as profound as this. We were immediately overwhelmed but we rolled up our sleeves and off we went to care for the 'unknown'. Covid very quickly became a buzzword. We hit the ground running because we had signed up to care, compassion, communication, courage, commitment and competence. I have never been more proud to see the power behind the mask of nurses as they face unimaginable challenges each day. The Covid-19 pandemic bought the big asks to the heart of the nursing workforce, with even bigger hearts we said yes we can because we care.
In a nutshell, I feel nursing job role is very crucial in a hospital setting, as nurses are the first point of contact for the patient. The role has primarily, direct bonding with Patients and secondary with all other departments of the hospital, including clinical and non-clinical. Hence they are more than SUPER HEROS!!

Ciba R Sunil
Nurse Manager Neonatal Services/NRP instructor/ Clinical Trainings
Danat Al Emarat, Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates.


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