Quality & Process Improvement Projects


Our team supports in Quality improvement initiatives using specialized methods and tools, which not only strengthens and enhances patient safety but also improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the prevailing healthcare Processes.

  • Support in executing all kind of Projects including – Improved Clinical outcomes, process improvement, risk assessment and management, cost control in healthcare setting 
  • Project execution using Quality Tools like FOCUS PDCA, DMAIC, FMEA, 5S etc
  • Identifying problem prone areas or working on challenges identified during audits, customer feedback/complaint, or any other sources like staff/management suggestions feedback.
  • Five stage project management – Initiation of project & Formation of multidisciplinary project group, systematic planning & organizing, executing, monitoring, and closing the project.


Projects previously worked on and appreciated/Awarded

  • Successfully lead the hospital in acquiring the JCIA accreditation (6th edition) in January 2019- Medcare Women & Children hospital, Dubai
  • Introduction of Follow up call to reduce the Paediatric ER revisits- Finalist, QualTech Prize, May2020, India 
  • Initiated & executed the project “Happy to Go Home- Reduction in discharge TAT-a DMAIC Approach, Merit award winner in International Hospital Federation Awards, Muscat, 2019
  • Initiated and Executed the FMEA project –NeoVision – Lazer therapy in Preterms, Winner in 8th International Patient safety congress, India, 2019.
  • Worked on the project “Patient Friendly Hospital” and won an award for the hospital, at AHPI global conclave, 2019, New Delhi, India. 
  • Contributed in the project- Buccal Swabbing of Colostrum in Neonates, which was selected for presentation in 8th International Patient safety congress, India, 2019
  • Presented poster in the 2nd Annual Patient Experience Symposium , Abu Dhabi, Nov 2019
  • Contributed and Won an award for the hospital at AHPI global Conclave 2018, Cochin, India – Nursing Excellence
  • Contributed and won an award for the hospital, at 7th Asian patient safety awards, 2017 Mumbai, India.- “Family Centred Developmental care in NICU”
  • Contributed and won an award for the hospital at 17th Asian Hospital Management Awards for patient safety, 2018 at Bangkok, Thailand
  • Received appreciation for participating in 2 poster Competition in the patient safety congress, Manchester.
  • Contributed in more than 50 quality improvement projects (2017-2020) which had positive impact on Patient satisfaction, patient safety and cost. 
  • Initiated the Gemba walk. 
  • Initiated the sustainable food management project which had a great impact on sustainable environment.