The staff in a Healthcare organisation are the key team players who significantly influence the quality of care provided and ultimately impact patient outcomes. Hence, hospitals' pursuit of high-quality patient care is dependent on their ability to engage and use all the human resources effectively.

We at Medigrow support the HCOs by providing the below trainings, customised as per their requirement

Quality & Patient safety trainings-

  • Quality Tools – For Quality Improvement Projects
  • Incident reporting, Sentinel event and RCA (In JCIA format, if required)
  • International Patient safety goals
  • Safety Culture Survey
  • Clinical Audit


Nursing Training-

  • Evidence based Practice in Nursing.
  • Clinical Nurses Role.
  • Nursing Leadership- Bedside to Board room.
  • Manging Nursing staff shortage and Stress
  • Nurse Practitioners role and development.
  • Nursing standards & processes.
  • Critical tasks, Ongoing monitoring and assessment of patients, educating patients and family members, 
  • Improving healthcare-related communication, Improving nursing teamwork, Improving patient safety by improving the nursing workload competency framework, Collaborative working environment (particularly between nurses and doctors)
  • Patient-centered culture
  • Continuing education and training & Problem Resolution
  • Importance of Patient feedback & analysis
  • Collection of relevant data, choosing of right healthcare matrix, Manage care gaps and analysis, Development of QI tools in the units
  • Benchmarking standards
  • Nurse Empowerment
  • Developing Nursing quality dashboards
  • Showcasing the best practices in National & International Award forums.
  • Any other Nursing training as required by the HCO